Hi Guys,

I thought I’d do a blog post on my Amazon Must-Have’s. I’m a prime member on Amazon and I just love how I can order something, and it will either come on the same day or next day. This is perfect for someone like me, who goes into town to get a birthday present, for the party George is attending at the weekend and ends up completely forgetting because I get side tracked by buying myself candles and cushions… I’m not the only one, right?!

So first up I’m going to share with you every parents MUST have. I’ve had a few messages regarding them on Instagram from our recent trip to Devon, where the boys basically lived in them the whole trip. So, I thought I’d share them on here for all to see.

KIDS WADERS!!! Yup you heard it here first. My friend introduced me to these last year and literally they have been a life saver and I wished I had known about them sooner. If your children are like mine and wellies and a normal all in one doesn’t prevent their feet, legs and everywhere else for that matter getting wet/filthy, you need to purchase a pair of these. They are called Lucky Ducky and the wellies and trousers are all attached, meaning it’s impossible for soggy little feet. They are also amazing in the snow and in those biggest of muddy puddles ( Peppa Pig you’ve got a lot to answer for Wench)  you can rest assure and save yourself that earache that every parent has encountered as they’ve had to march their filthy wet child back to the car to put the spare change of clothes on them, ( or in my case, take them straight home because I was always that mother who never packed that spare pair of clothes ) They come in some pretty cool designs and my boys love them, easy to put on and off. Thank me later!!


    Click here to shop wadres >>>  LUCKY DUCKY WADERS 

Next up is also child related and every child is different and I’m just sharing what I feel has worked with us. Many of you know that George my eldest has undergone a few health issues and has a lung condition called bronchiectasis, which has resulted in his lower left lobe to be non-functioning… I’ve been meaning to do a blog post regarding the condition, as you don’t really hear of it.

Due to the condition it would result in George being on antibiotics A LOT, which I wasn’t happy about, but felt we were in a no-win situation. We have seen numerous of doctors, consultants around our area and in London and no one could really explain why George had this condition, even to this day we still don’t know. I think that’s why I’ve held off writing about it because we are still in limbo where he is with it, also it hasn’t been an easy ride and personally I feel the medical staff ‘ who we are meant to trust’ fobbed us off one too many times (don’t get me started on that). However, the most important thing is, we have learnt how to manage the condition ourselves at home without the need of any hospital trips and so far, touch wood (I’m frantically touching wood) he hasn’t had to be admitted in for well over a year.

So, what has helped us? I believe Diet being one of them. My kids don’t really eat crap, they have the occasional McDonald’s after swimming, and I don’t deprive them of the sweets and chocolate however I don’t overload them with it at the same time. I always cook homemade foods, but I wasn’t very adventurous when cooking. I would cook what I knew they would eat ( fishpie, spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie) you get the gist. I mean there’s nothing worse, than slaving over a stove and cooking up a new dish that your kid turns its nose up at or in Charlie’s case throws it back at you… literally!!  Although what I was cooking was great hearty food, I felt I needed to get more nutrients into them. So that’s when I purchased this cook book called Super Food for Super Children, I literally love it. So many yummy recipes that I thought they would never eat, yet they love. Also, they do amazing smoothie recipes. One of the things I love about the book is it takes you from weaning stages up to teenage years. I get the kids involved by showing them the book and which recipes we are going to cook, which I feel has made a huge difference. I never cook separate meals, we all eat the same foods, so as a family we all love this cook book. Our favourite one is called Veggie-Packed Bobotie, and it’s a South African dish and sooooooo delicious.


Click here to shop cook book >>> SUPER FOOD FOR SUPERCHILDREN


I went through a phase of making fermented food (I’m actually laughing at myself right now) oh my god, that didn’t go down well, and I wasn’t surprised when George didn’t eat them, it was bloody disgusting!! However, I had read about the power of probiotic foods to improve your immunity and prevent illness, hence why I gave it a bash. So, when he he didnt like it, that’s when I researched Kids Probiotics and read the reviews on Amazon about ‘Intelligentlabs Kids Probiotics & Prebiotics’ and the reviews seemed amazing. There were reviews about toddlers and children with all different health issues and parents saying since their child had been on them, they have been loads better. Obviously with reviews like this I was drawn in. At £19.99 they aren’t cheap but that does give you a two-month supply, but I give both my boys them and I was willing to pay for something that worked. They are Animal, sugar, Dairy & Gluten free chewable tablet and George says they taste great. I don’t know if its coincidence since he’s been on them but, he’s been a healthier kid and in my eyes that’s a good sign. This was his first winter since the age of two where he didn’t need antibiotics at ALL. I like to think they are working, it could just be a combination of things we’ve changed that’s generally helped his health. Like any medication I give him, I must run everything past his consultant who seemed more than happy for us to try them. I would advise if your thinking of purchasing these for your child, who is currently undergoing health issues, please consult your doctor or medical professional first.


Click here to shop Probiotics >>> KIDS PROBIOTICS & PREBIOTICS

So that’s my Amazon Must-Have’s right now and if anything else comes up, I’ll share it here first. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.


Have a great day

Sadie x


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