From Townies to Country Bumpkins…

I’ve always been a townie and probably will always be one at heart, no matter how hard I try and pull off a Barbour jacket, I’m not fooling anyone around here. I always knew our previous house wasn’t going to be our forever home, a little like our home now, as much as I love the cottage we’re in I just can’t visualise two lanky smelly teenage boys stomping around the place. I imagine us staying put for about 5 years and moving on when the boys are at an age we can take on a bigger project. Anyway, the main reason for us moving from city to countryside was down to schools. We know exactly what high school we want the boys to eventually go to and that wasn’t in catchment. Nick grew up around this neck of the woods so knows the area well. Nicks parents only live 10minutes down the road… I know Babysitters on tap right?! When we started viewing houses, we set our search within the schools catchment and eventually found our little chocolate box and although it was a little further from Worcester than I anticipated, it ticked all the boxes. It was in catchment, it had a village school, village shop, village park and the most important a village pub. We both fell in love with the house and its character, Nick wanted to be somewhere that would get snow. The first thing he asked the previous owners when we went to view the house was whether they get snow being so high up, and they were like ‘oh yeah if snow is forecasted, you are guaranteed to get it here’ his face lit up like a 5-year-old. Not your normal ‘when was the boiler last replaced’ but do you get any snow. (he certainly got what he wished for with the amount we’ve had this year, its like the village has its own microclimate). With snow being the cherry on top for Nick we put our offer in and they declined, we put our second offer in they declined, they declined us 3 times until they accepted our offer 1k off the asking price (talk about shit negotiation). I mean we played a good waiting game between offers, but scared to lose it, we just had to bite the bullet. I think they saw a couple of mugs and knew the snow had sold it to my manly husband. For love nor money (or snow in Nicks case), he certainly wasn’t going to let this house slip. You would think he’d know how to play the game being a car salesman.

When it all got accepted and started to go through it hit me, we were actually moving. I was almost doubting our decision and the reason for that was I’ve got such a good friendship circle where we were in Worcester. It was a big thing for me moving that far out especially being a stay at home mum with a fairly new baby. I knew I couldn’t just stay in Worcester because of my friends, eventually everyone moves on with life and doesn’t stay put forever. I had to seize the opportunity whilst it was there. Plus, we have  moved 20 minutes out of Worcester not 2 hours away, having said that my friends have and still to this day get lost on the way here and pack like they are going on a day trip away… One friend visited as soon as we moved in and when he arrived asked if he was in bloody Wales… I mean, come on.

We got a date for completion which was the 3rd December 2016, so Christmas was just around the corner. At this point we hadn’t put our old house up for sale because we were going to rent it. When the sale went through on the cottage I was in no rush to move. I wanted to spend our last Christmas in our old house that held so many memories, but Nick being Nick wanted to get in and spend Christmas in our new cottage. He was so excited about a date for getting the keys. I felt I couldn’t deprive him of moving in before Christmas, so we decided to move in on the 3rd of December… With a few terms and conditions… obvs!
1. We hire a removal company to do everything
2. I can order the bed and fridge I had seen
3. And a Christmas tree must go up straight away.
He agreed and looking back it was very reasonable of me, definitely could have pushed for more. At the time I thought it was going to be hell on earth moving house with a toddler and a baby 3 weeks before Christmas but in actual fact it was ok. It went that smoothly we decided to host Christmas at our new home and invited the whole Family over. Overall it was a lovely first Christmas spent in our new home.

The village is lovely and has a nice community, and everyone has made us feel very welcome. It is your typical village with your local curtain twitcher’s and village drunk, but their harmless and quite funny. A lot of people have lived here all their lives, so everyone knows everyone (it’s basically Emmerdale) I remember in our old house I’d walk down the street and no one would speak to you, here everyone is so friendly. It’s definitely a different way of life, everything is at a slower pace and I feel that’s rubbing off on me. I felt where we lived before I would always have to be out and about doing something, here I don’t mind spending time at home as I’ve always got a million and one things to do. We have so many lovely walks on our doorstep and we normally finish off at the pub, as you do. I think one of the nicest things about living here is seeing kids being kids and playing in the village, collecting conkers and going blackberry picking, or selling homemade lemonade outside their house in the summer. This is exactly what I wanted for the boys, especially when we live in the world we do today.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a complete converted country bumpkin yet, don’t get visions of me fetching my pail of water on horseback, like I said I will always be a townie at heart, and I do still go into Worcester to do my shopping on regular occasions, Nick will say far to regularly (I can normally be found wandering around homesense).

Your probably thinking is there any negatives to country life and the answer is YES, a couple…… I’m a fairly organised person to some degree, and being out here I do have to make sure I’m stocked up on things like nappies and baby wipes because the nearest supermarket is 15 minutes away, and no one wants to run out of neither of those when you have toddler that poo’s three times a day and that’s on a good day (swear he does it for a laugh), the village shop does sell them but it’s hit or miss if they’ve got his size.  THE MUD is something else, my car is constantly filthy which results in me getting filthy because I’m leaning in and out getting the kids. Then the number of near misses I’ve had with pheasants is unreal and the daily battle of being stuck behind tractors. Despite all that I feel very grateful to live somewhere as beautiful as we do, I can justify the occasional road kill or bit of mud haha, and as for location its perfect even with all the doubt at the start. I’m just waiting for my Georgian house in the village to come up for sale… (No pleasing some hey). Overall, we are all settled in and enjoying country/village life, although the day I REALLY settled in to village life was the day the neighbour told me there was a Thai takeaway that deliver to the village, at that point I remember thinking my life is now complete.

And thats why we chose the Country life…. not sure the country life would of chose us though.


Sadie xx


2 thoughts on “From Townies to Country Bumpkins…

  1. Loved reading this , very similar stories !It’s been the best move and did it all with a baby 4months old 😰
    I even wear crocs these days 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
    The effects of the country !
    Wouldn’t change it for the world 💙
    Love your blog so far xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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