About Us

Firstly, thanks for stopping by and taking a nose at my new blog. I’ve been considering doing this for some time now and never really known where to start, still unsure where to start but I’m just rolling with it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m hoping to share the things I love and hopefully inspire others with my blog, whether that be the highs and lows of parenthood, getting to grips with country life or if you share the same passion for interiors and cars like me and my husband, either way I hope you enjoy it.

So about us



I’m Sadie and married to the constant pain in my arse Nick (I love him really) we met when we were 21 whilst I was working at Toni&Guy as a hairdresser in Worcester. I cut his hair, he liked what I did/saw, and the rest is history.

We have two young boys George who is 4 (he made parenting look like a breeze) and Charlie who is 2 (has and still is making parenting look like walking through fire bare footed….very painful) Jokes aside they are amazing boys with complete opposite personalities, basically mini Nick and I, George being Nick the calm placid one and Charlie being me the fiery feisty one haha.
We have Lilly dog who will be 7 this year (my fellow member in the strong girl club) and Ned he is coming up 10 months and he’s a bit of a knob, so a full on mad house. A lot of people we know refer to us as The PW’s, because of our surname. Its double barrelled and 15 letters long and a mouthful to say, so that’s where the nickname has come from. My maiden name was 4 letters long sooooo not going to lie it has taken me a while to crack the spelling and pronunciation of it correctly…. things you do for love hey. Its spelt Poraj-Wilczynski but if you pronounce it as Pol-A-Wol-A-Inski you’ll probably have a better chance at saying it correctly. As a family we enjoy our holidays and family outings but can often be found going for walks around our local countryside in muddy wellies with two moaning kids in tow.

We’ve gone from townies to country bumpkins (I do miss Maccies and KFC being on my doorstep) however we now live in a gorgeous 17th century cottage in a little village in Worcestershire, something I was prepared to sacrifice the fast food for. We have lived here for just over a year now and this is where I have discovered my love for interiors. Our old house was completely renovated when we bought it and didn’t need any work or décor done to it, so when we were looking at moving again we wanted something that we could put our own stamp on. We love character properties and when we viewed this house we just fell in love. Its décor was quite dated, and I struggled at the start because it just didn’t feel homely, but I had to keep reminding myself “Rome wasn’t built in a day” we are a year in and looking back we have done so much, there’s still more to do but I’m now in a frame of mind of not rushing things. I will be posting lots of home and interior posts so keep your eyes peeled.

Now just one last thing. All three of my boys (yes Nick is included in this) share a passion for the same thing and that’s cars. I honestly think its part of their genes. Some kids are into action figures or Lego but both George and Charlie are car mad. I’ve already got their Saturday jobs lined up as car washers because conveniently we run our own prestige car company. They’ll be starting in the summer holidays, not too young is it?! Anyway seeing as I’m completely outnumbered I decided if I can’t beat them I might as well join them in their love for cars, so I will be working part time alongside Nick ( could end in divorce) I will be adding a few write ups on the business to the blog and any exciting events that will be taking place, plus some pictures of the flash cars that will be coming into stock. So don’t get assuming this is your typical girly blog, of pretty décor pictures and snotty kids. Ok, it’s basically that with the odd fancy car blog thrown in, something to keep the men happy with.
And there we have it my first ever post eeeeeekkkkk. I’m going to try and aim to do a blog post once a week to start off, in the hope people will read them. If there are any topics you want me to blog about, feel free to let me know. Also, please excuse my grammar my teacher friend recently told me how awful it was days after I said I was going to do a blog… cheers for that mate ( we’re good friends, so it was ok…. bitch)
Love from 
The Pw’s

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